Flower care

Following are some important tips for taking care of your flower bouquet. Please read the instructions carefully so you will enjoy your bouquet for a very long time.

Perfect environment for your flowers
- It is important that you always use a clean vase for your bouquet. So you do not give bacteria which are responsible for a fast wilting any chance.
- The water should be renewed daily and the leaves hanging from the water should be removed regularly.
- Take lukewarm water this will cause faster water absorption.
- A perfect location is very important for your flower bouquet. Be sure to protect your bouquet from droughts direct sunlight.
- Ripe fruit is not good for cut flower as the ripening gas releases ethylene. So you should not place the bouquet close to fruits.

Cut the flowers correctly
The right cut is the most important requirement to extend the life of the flowers. Find out which flowers require which cut:
- Soft, herbaceous stems (calla, amaryllis, tulips, Germini) - almost straight cut
- Hard, herbaceous stems (roses, carnations, lilies, etc.) - long, slanted cut
It is important that you always use a sharp knife for the cut.

Flower care
- Add the freshness retainer to the water and mix it carefully, the retainers must dissolve completely. The freshness retainer provides
  the cut flowers with food and has an antibacterial effect.
- To enable your flowers to take up as much water as possible, the stems should be cut daily.
- When you re-cut the stems take the opportunity to remove any wilted foliage faded blooms.
- The binding point of the bouquet should not be opened. Closed, your bouquet will last longer.


If you follow these flower care tips, you will enjoy your bouquet for a very long time.